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It is obviously important that your mortgage is paid off if either you or your partner die. However, you are far more likely to suffer a serious illness than die prematurely. Therefore, you should also look into critical illness cover. We can search the market to find the best possible solution for your circumstances. You may also be paying for cover that isn’t suitable or too expensive. Again we can help.

Oh! and by the way, if we think that you don’t need life assurance, we’ll tell you.


  • Life assurance

your life is insured for a fixed period of time (the term)

the amount your life is insured for can be:

increasing  (to cover e.g. growing family)

level  (to cover e.g. an interest only mortgage)

decreasing  (to cover e.g. a capital repayment mortgage)

your beneficiaries receive the sum assured


  • Terminal Illness Insurance

If you become terminally ill e.g. diagnosed with less than 12 months to live

you receive the sum assured

  • Critical Illness Insurance

If you suffer a critical illness i.e. you are diagnosed as having one of a number of serious illnesses

you receive the sum assured

  • Total and Permanent Disability insurance

If you become totally and permanently disabled as defined by being unable to carry out your normal work activities or daily living activities

you receive the sum assured

If there is someone or something that you would like to insure then please contact us and we will do our best to help.


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